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Ecosea produce a range of protective coatings for the marine industry. Offering epoxy and urethane coatings to protect against corrosion and/or fouling, our products are effective, competitive and long lasting. Significant testing, computer based modeling, in house analysis, long term field trials and external research organisations are employed to investigate and confirm the efficacy and benefits of our products before an Ecosea coating is launched and available for commercial use.

Since the ban on TBT based anti-fouling products - which were proven to be extremely detrimental to the environment, commercial shipping operators and Naval forces around the world have struggled to find the desired levels of bio-fouling protection required for their ships. Apart from the obvious drag resulting from fouling of the hull structure, water intake systems are also badly affected and require costly and frequent maintenance. Fouling of these systems can mean inefficient operation of engine cooling systems leading to increased fuel consumption and engine wear and tear. In a worst case scenario, fouling could lead to a complete blockage of the cooling system. Cuprotect® is a product that can provide effective, long-term bio-fouling protection to both internal and external surfaces. With a proven track record in the leisure marine sector, Cuprotect® is an internationally patented, unique fouling control system that can help minimise maintenance and fuel costs whilst providing asset protection.

The Cuprotect® system uses the metallurgical, non-corroding properties of copper alloys to provide unmatched long-term bio-fouling protection, even under the most stringent conditions. Cuprotect® comprises of a a zinc-rich micaceous iron oxide primer scheme which insulates the substrate from the water. This high performance anti-corrosive scheme provides a tough, stable base with a strong bond to the substrate. This is followed by a binder which ensures optimum bonding between the primer and the final, sprayed-on outer layer of 90:10 cupronickel granular alloy.

How does it work? - Copper has been used as an anti-foul for several hundreds of years and indeed in the British Admiral Lord Nelson’s day was fitted to HMS Victory and the entire British Naval fleet. Copper-nickel alloys have a high natural resistance to bio-fouling and are extremely durable, having proved their performance over many years in applications such as marine pipe work, offshore structures and boat hulls. Upon immersion, the copper oxide film already present on Cuprotect®’s exposed layer of copper nickel granules reacts with the salt water to form a complex salt (hydroxychloride) of copper oxide. This is generally seen as a very thin and tough green patina and it is this patina that presents a surface which most marine life forms consider inhospitable. Unlike other anti-fouling systems that use copper-nickel granules suspended in a resin, requiring frequent abrasion to bring copper granules to the surface - Cuprotect®’s copper nickel granules provide 100% coverage of the surface area continually, thereby ensuring maximum bio-fouling protection.

Cuprotect® granules are non-conductive because the small contact area between each particle (Branley effect) creates a high electrical resistance. As a result of this electrical resistance, the Cuprotect® coating is non conductive and therefore will not promote the risk of galvanic degradation or electrolysis.

Advantages of Cuprotect® - Many significant advantages are provided by Cuprotect® including: -

High Performance Antifouling - Cuprotect® uses the known properties of copper to provide the most effective antifouling protection available worldwide.

Low Maintenance - Compared with traditional antifouling paints which can begin to foul within a few months, and need re-applying regularly, Cuprotect® remains free from macro fouling year after year without sanding or re-coating. Slime may form on the surface occasionally, however, this is removed while underway.

Extended Life - The granules on the outer layer of Cuprotect® are almost non corrodible in sea water. The corrosion rate of 90:10 cupronickel alloy has been determined to be between 1.3µ and 7µ per annum. The alloy is applied at 150-200µ thickness, giving Cuprotect® the longest life span available on the market. All components within the Cuprotect® system are designed to perform in excess of 20 years, providing long-term asset protection.

Sea Chests - Fuel Efficiency - Removing fouling from cooling systems can improve engine and therefore fuel efficiency. Cuprotect® is ideal for areas that are difficult to access, such as sea chests which are critical to fuel efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly - Reduced fuel consumption reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Cuprotect®’s low leaching rate also ensures minimal environmental impact. Cuprotect® does not contain TBT’s or organic biocides. HSE approved (HSE 8062, ISO/DIS 15181-1 and 2).

Flexibility - Cuprotect® can be applied to steel, GRP and many other substrates. Cuprotect® is compatible with most high performance coating systems.

Unique - Cuprotect® is a unique fouling control system developed and patented by Ecosea Ltd, which can be applied by most professional painting contractors after onsite training by Ecosea technical staff..

Above the waterline protection - Ecosea are also able to supply a full range of Moisture Cure Urethane coatings for use above the waterline. These coatings have proved their durability and performance in some of the harshest marine environments in the world. Further details are available on request.

Trials - Long term research, including numerous trials undertaken around the world have confirmed the efficacy and benefits of Cuprotect®.


Cuprotect® together with our range of epoxy and moisture cured urethane coatings, have proved of particular benefit to the power industry. Suitable for protecting everything from water inlets and cooling systems at power stations, to renewable power facilities based in our oceans producing emission free electricity, Ecosea coatings can provide the protection they require from operating in a harsh environment.

A renewable power facility generating marine

energy in the waters of Scotland, where one of

the largest commercial wave power farms in the

world is being developed by ScottishPower. 

Ecosea has been awarded funding from the UK

Government’s ‘Carbon Trust’ and is part of a

consortium jointly developing products for use in

marine renewable power.

                                                                        Photo Credit: Ocean Power Delivery


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